How To Record IPTV on Smart TV: A Comprehensive Guide

In this article, we explore various methods for recording IPTV on Smart TV, comparing options like PVRs, DVD recorders, and Smart TV PVRs. Our guide aims to help you choose the perfect digital TV recorder tailored to your needs.

Understanding Your Options:

Personal Video Recorders (PVRs):

PVRs are essential devices that allow you to record multiple TV channels simultaneously. Here’s a quick overview:

Record multiple programs simultaneously, even while watching another channel.
Support Full-HD TV recording.
Built-in Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for easy scheduling.
Typically equipped with a 500GB to 1TB hard drive, offering ample storage.
Some models connect to the internet, granting access to catch-up and streaming apps like iPlayer.


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Note: PVRs vary in features and usability, so choose one that matches your preferences.

DVD Recorders:

DVD recorders save TV programs onto recordable DVDs, albeit with limited recording time (usually one to four hours). Consider these pros and cons:


Suitable for long-term archiving and sharing recordings with family and friends.


Can only record one program at a time.
Limited support for HDTV.
Typically more complex to use compared to PVRs.
Restricted to Freeview channels, with fewer options available in the market now.

PVR/DVD Recorder Combo:

This hybrid device combines a PVR’s internal storage (usually 250 hours, or 125 in HD) with the ability to transfer recordings onto DVDs. Here’s what to consider:


Generous internal hard drive capacity.
Allows archiving recordings to DVDs for long-term storage.


Usually limited to recording one program at a time.
More complex to use than standalone PVRs.
Rare in the current market.

Turning Your TV into a PVR:

Some advanced Smart TVs come with built-in PVR capabilities. To utilize this feature, you’ll need a USB hard drive or memory stick, which connects to the TV’s USB port. However, there are limitations:

You can only record broadcasts received by the TV’s built-in Freeview or Freesat.
The number of tuners in your TV determines recording capabilities (one tuner records the current show; two tuners allow simultaneous watching and recording).
Unlike standalone PVRs, you can connect any-sized external drive, offering flexibility and affordability.


In today’s digital age, the options for recording IPTV on your Smart TV are vast and diverse. From feature-rich Personal Video Recorders (PVRs) to classic DVD recorders, and even Smart TVs with built-in recording capabilities, there’s a solution for every need.

Make an informed choice based on your preferences and needs, ensuring your Smart TV becomes a versatile IPTV recording solution.

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