Setting Up IPTV on ProgTV: A Comprehensive Guide

ProgTV, formerly known as HyppTV, is a user-friendly application that allows seamless streaming of IPTV channels and listening to radio channels over the Internet or local networks. To set up IPTV on ProgTV, follow these simple steps:

Downloading ProgTV App

Visit the Google Play Store using the following link: ProgTV on Google Play Store.
Download and install the ProgTV app on your device.

Adding IPTV Channels to ProgTV

Open the ProgTV app and navigate to the main menu.

Select “TV Sources” and proceed to the next step.

Choose “IPTV Client” (indicated by a red arrow in the image below).

Enter your M3U URL in the “Playlist” section and insert your EPG URL in the “Codepage” section.

Return to the main menu and select “Channel list” to view the channels you’ve added.

Note: The installation process for Windows phone is identical to the steps outlined in this guide.

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Features and Functions of ProgTV App

Supports one or more M3U(M3U8), XSPF channel lists.
Provides channel logos, guide, and auto-updating features.
Supports Guide (EPG) in XMLTV and JTV formats (including zip and gzip formats).
Allows streaming of Internet TV and Radio, including ITV format of lists from ProgDVB.
Supports Katrina TV, Xtream-Codes IPTV panel, Torrent TV links in M3U or other formats, DVB over IP, and SAT>IP.
Acts as a client of ProgDVB for receiving channels from DVB devices.


TimeShift functionality for pausing and resuming live streams.
Recording capability.
Scheduler for automated recordings.
Subtitles support.
Provides information about channel formats.
Offers an interface optimized for phones, tablets, and TVs, including remote control functionality.
Supports multiple channel lists simultaneously.
Allows creating a favorites list for easy access.
Provides per-channel zoom and ratio settings.
Includes audio features such as Equalizer, AGC, and Spectrum visualization.
Allows users to create folders for custom channel logos.


By following these steps, you can easily set up and enjoy IPTV channels on ProgTV, making it a versatile solution for your streaming needs.

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