How to install Kodi on FireTV

How to install Kodi on FireTV?

Amazon FireTV transforms your regular TV into a smart powerhouse. With IPTV channels, apps, games, TV episodes, and an HDMI port, it’s packed with features. Setting up Kodi on this device is a popular choice among users for accessing multimedia streaming. Explore two different methods for doing so. What exactly is Amazon FireTV?

First Method : 

1-Navigate to Settings and scroll down to System.
2-Locate Developer Options and enable ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources.
3-Search for “Kodi Downloader” on the App Store.
4-Open the installed app and paste the provided link, then click on the Download button.
5-Once the app is downloaded, you’ll be prompted to Install Kodi. Simply click on the Install button.

Second Method :

To begin, install Kodi on your smartphone. Then, utilize Apps2Fire, an Android application designed for transferring Android apps to Amazon FireTV. This handy tool enables you to seamlessly transfer apps from your smartphone to your FireTV device.

1- Go to Settings > System > Developer options. Enable “Apps from unknown sources.” You can disable this after installation.
2- Note your FireTV’s IP address in Settings > System > About > Network.
3- Download and install Apps2Fire, then input the noted IP address.
4- Install Kodi on your phone.
5- Access the menu and click on the Upload button. From the list of applications, select Kodi.


The installation process will begin. If you encounter any errors, it indicates that this method may not be compatible with your device, and it’s advisable to try the first method instead. Apps2Fire is a straightforward application that facilitates the downloading of Kodi onto your FireTV. If everything proceeds smoothly, the installation of Kodi on FireTV is deemed successful.

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